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Hannah Glavor // Holly Ann// Isabeau Waia'u Walker

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Isabeau Waia’u Walker is a singer-songwriter—“the entire instrument: the air, the soul, the mind, the word”—with a prolific body of stories as powerful and moving as her vocals and guitar. A commitment and dedication to her craft: years of writing and building and fostering connections with a large, global, online audience of ears and hearts; sharing stories of love, pain and experience (roots and beginnings in Hawaii—half a life in Oregon); to Portland’s fortune, her beautiful voice and sound has been filling local venues more the last couple years; her recent single, “Here,” on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music.

Hannah Glavor is an Portland based singer-songwriter with a cinematic range of indie pop and folk rock.

Hannah launched her career in 2010 with the release of her debut EP "O MY WANDERING HEART" (2012) offering a delightful sample of tunes; giving tune to light in spite of our darkest days. Harkening to the tender harmonies of bands like the Beachboys and Fleetfoxes, Hannah weaves her strong melodies, honest lyrics and addicting rhythms into our very core.

With the release of "Halcyon" (2013) and iteration of her family band, Hannah emerged from being a solo artist into leading a mature musical collective. With their powers combined, they demonstrate their impressive musical range coupled with raw authenticity.

Her solo single releases (2019) beckon a new chapter of sound and give language to hope; having weathered losses, difficult transitions, and surviving brain surgery. Hannah's cry for peace and hope, even in the worst of life's storms, is an invitation for all to fight to see and love others around them.

Growing up just east of the infamously grey landscape of Portland, OR, it’s no surprise Holly Ann developed a taste for melancholy at a young age. Holly started playing piano and performing in musical theater at the age of 6 and was writing and performing her own music by 12 years old.16 years later, Holly continues to release music with a refreshing honesty that is always accessible and never cliche.